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Thu Jul 3 12:49:34 2008 UTC (14 years ago) by peter
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Create 3rd release tag - fixed runall.pl so that it runs the full auto test suite.

1 gary 59 Distribution files for Cloudy
2     www.nublado.org
4 gary 501 There are six directories below this one containing the atomic data, documentation, doxygen setup files, scripts, source, and test suite. The test suite directory, tsuite, has three directories below it, auto, slow, and programs, giving parts of the test suite. The six top directories contain all files needed to build and execute Cloudy. Each directory has a readme file giving more information on the contents.
5 gary 59
7 gary 501 The docs directory contains PDF versions of the documentation. (A separate subversion repository contains Word versions of Hazy, the code's documentation.) The doxygen directory contains the files needed to create html documentation with doxygen. See the readme for more details.
8 gary 59
10 gary 501 The code's web site has instructions for building the code on various platforms. Go to the downloads / current stable version page at http://www.nublado.org That site also has links to the code's discussion board. Please place questions or comments there.
11 gary 59
12     Good Luck,
13     Gary Ferland
14 gary 480 Lexington
15 gary 59


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